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A Cathar Bishop, Bertrand Marty, has made a promise to a dying  friend and colleague that he will go to the fortress of Montsegur to 'Seek Wisdom like a Bee seeks its rose'.  

When a Southern noble kills an inquisitor in a town nearby Pope Innocent with the help of the French King sends an army to destroy the Cathar heretics once and for all. The last bastion of the Cathars, Montsegur, is besieged.

One night, while consulting his books in the tower of the Keep, Marty is visited by a woman, Lea. Lea tells him of a secret gospel and proceeds to recount to him so he can write it down. 


This Gospel will change his life forever. It is the dangerous and heretical story of two Jesus children.

Moving backwards and forwards in time the stories interweave in a tale of karma and destiny.

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