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Living and Writing on a Boat!

I live and write on a Swanson 42ft Yacht which I share with my husband Jim and our Spoodle Lucy. I will be sharing the logistics of writing and living on a boat as we pursue our sailing and writing adventures. If you would like to support me in my writing, publishing endeavours why not become a Patron? Find out more at:

In the meantime, writing is hard work and there have to be some perks! haha!

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Adriana Koulias
Adriana Koulias
Jul 18, 2018

Thank you dear friend! XXX


I am sending warm thoughts from sweltering New Jersey, though at this moment some much needed rain is happening....Yes......May you have a continuing renewal of the persevering, creative energy needed to create the stories that wish to manifest. through you, to the world...Blessings to you and yours....


Adriana Koulias
Adriana Koulias
Jul 17, 2018

Thank you Robin! Keep up the writing! That looks like a good tool! Thanks for the tip!


That’s wonderful to read Adriana! Good on you. You remind me of a writer Christine Kling who sails and writes.

I really liked your article on writing too. Thank you.

I am constantly writing - I have so many stories bouncing around in me. I came across this great writing tool: the Neo2. It’s distraction free writing - no internet etc and I can carry it anywhere. It’s light with an excellent keyboard designed by two Apple guys. A good year’s battery life on 3 AA’s. I can plug it into any computer via usb cable and it spills the words into a text doc.

Enjoy your sailing and writing!

x Robin

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