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Hey everyone! Welcome to the NEW YEAR! Sorry we're late posting but I deleted the first video I made by mistake! Yes I had to start again! Also I have had a close call with the hidden danger of Sailboat Life which has kept me out of action on the computer! I want all sailors and live-aboards to be aware of it because it can happen to anyone and it isn't discussed much! Probably because it's insidious and creeps up on you and isn't glamorous or dramatic as the dangers of the weather, sea and other potential hazards like hitting ships and reefs can be. However I have to tell you this danger is no less dramatic for the person experiencing it! Also in this episode, our children return from the UK for the first time in over two years and we show them a good time in Sydney and Port Stephens, we even spend Australia Day in the most stunning place possible! And last but not least stay tuned for some SHOCKING NEWS (well it shocked us!) about what we will be doing this year! (No! I'm not pregnant! hahahah!)

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