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How does it feel to be surrounded by fires, blanketed by smoke, have mud rain down on your boat, while above lightening storms rage and heatwaves with temperatures soaring over 40C (110F) make you feel like butter in a frying pan? You make the best of it, you provision, fill your water and diesel tanks, continue to work, try to exercise, make bread, check the app on your phone for fires near you in case you need to leave in a hurry, and when things get too hot, you go to the beach. In this episode we show you the positive side of what it's been like for us at Port Stephens during the Black Summer fires. Port Stephens is a wildly beautiful area north of Sydney and has been, so far, touch wood, essentially unaffected by the fires that rage north south and west of us - due to the tireless work of courageous fire fighters. We've tried to make the best of it and get to know this area better, always hoping for rain.... And guess what? It came...Glorious, delicious, elusive rain!

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