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In Temple of the Grail the cup or the Holy Grail is associated with the cup from which Jesus Christ drank wine at the last supper and which Joseph of Arimathea used to catch the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.


In the Rosicrucian Mysteries it represents the soul of Jesus who took into himself the spirit of Christ. So in this way it represents every human soul which has so developed itself that it will allow the light of the Spirit of Christ to live in it.     


In the Seal, it represents that which must be kept secret or sealed and also at the same time that which must be revealed.

The Keeper of the Seals was the one who judged when the secret should be revealed or kept hidden.

The Seal was a hexagram fused to a pentagram and was found on the Pommel of Solomon's Sword (originally the sword of Anwen). It represents the secret of the ethers.

In the case of the Rosicrucians the Keeper of the Seal is the keeper of the Ethers.

In the Sixth Key.
The Key is what opens and closes.  The key of the house of David for instance opens what none shall shut and shuts what none shall open. 
The Rabbis had a saying that God reserves to himself four keys, which he will intrust not even to the angels: the key of rain, the key of the grave, the key of fruitfulness, and the key of barrenness.
It was the sign of one set above angels when Christ was seen with the keys of Hell and Death, or when he delivered the keys of heaven to Peter.
Keys belongs to a particular being, and represents its name.

In the Keys of Solomon demons and angels have their own key signatures which, were used to conjure their appearance. Magicians used the keys both Lesser and Greater in order to command the elemental powers to do their bidding.
Faust used a book of keys called a Grimoire. Hiram Abiff used a Tau symbol to call the spirits of the elements to help him to build the Temple of Solomon.



The Cross with the seven roses is the symbol of the ethers, of the development of the human being in the various planetary stages of evolution, and the seven members of the human being. 

When the human being 'fell' to earth he 'died' to the spirit, hence the black cross, but the pure spirit living in the blood, the roses will bring him back to life again.


In the Sixth Key he is the Lion headed God who carries the key to the bottomless pit. He is in this sense a representation of the Sun Demon Sorath, who does not belong to our Solar System but to another. Hence he cannot enter the world and must stand above it.

He is entwined with snakes which represents the forces of the fallen Atlantean ethers and the rising of the continents whose spines were seen to resemble snakes. He is the aberration of the Cult of the Rmaohls and the direct antagonist of the Sun Spirit and in the Mithras Mysteries of Rome was the antagonist of St Michael who was Mithras the countenance of the Solar deity. He is the shadow side of Leo the Heart forces and the blood in the human being.



The Sword

is the Spirit which must enter into the heart of each human being.

It is two edged meaning it can be used for good or for evil.


The Sword of Anwn in Atlantia represented earthly consciousness therefore it was forged from Aryanian Steel and quenched in the blood of a dragon. For this reason it was  used by Manu against the Ice Maker.


In its pommel sat the Oculus, the Stone of the wise from the Vulcan Oracle.

Much later the Sword fell into the hands of the Phillistines who replaced the pommel with a medallion in the image of a dragon.

When David took it from Goliath he replaced the pommel with the Star of his people. When it came into Solomon's hands he had a hexagram fused to a pentagon - the sign of the lamb and used it to decide which woman was the mother of a child. When Herodias had it she used it to cut off the head of John the Baptist.

Thereafter it was taken to

England where it was known as, Excalibur - the sword that came from darkness. 


In Temple of the Grail it is the Ancient Symbol for reincarnation depicted by a serpent or a dragon eating its own tail, or perhaps generating its tail from its mouth.


Originating in Atlantis this symbol was adopted by the Rosicrucians and the Alchemists and entered Renaissance magic and modern symbolism to mean the endless cycle of creation  and destruction of life and death and immortality.


There are four earthly elements, Earth, Water, Air, and Fire or Warmth.

There are three higher ethers

Light, Sound and Life.

Before the fall of human souls to Earth the two higher ethers were removed from human consciousness and taken up to the Sun Sphere.


Knowledge of these higher ethers belonged only to initiates and in Atlantis it was vouchsafed to the Kings who misused the powers and became Brothers of Shadows. They are responsible for creating three lower ethers:


Electricity, Magnetism and the death forces hidden in the Atom. 


Rosicrucians guard the knowledge of the higher ethers from corruption by evil minded humans who would use their powers to destroy the Earth.


The Book Represents the history of the world written down in human souls. These are the secrets of the Gods and the three secrets of The Tree of Life. Those who eat of the book, find it sweet in their mouth but bitter in their belly because to read the book is to have sacrificed all one's lower desires and 



The Sacred Oculus in Atlantia, was the Solar Stone that belonged to the Vulcan Oracle, and which sat inside the pommel of the sword of Anwen.
The Oculus or Solar Stone magnifies the activity of the sun. It was made by the sun for the sun, like the human eye itself which is connected to the forces of the sun in the human being. The Oculus was struck from the sword of Anwen when the Sun Manu fell into the Sea of Glass after he banished the Ice Maker to the Shadow Moon. 

Later the Vikings were said to use such stones to help them in their navigation.


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