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History sees The Order of the Rose Cross as a philosophical secret society, said to have been founded in late medieval Germany by Christian Rosenkreuz. It is is said to hold a doctrine or theology built on esoteric truths of the ancient past, which, concealed from the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe and the spiritual realm. 

Rosicrucians live in the world as average 

people, working as healers, philosophers, artists and in the middle ages, alchemists.

According to Manfred Schimidt Brabant and Rudolf Steiner, Rosicrucianism began in Atlantis.

In the mythology of the Atlantia Series (coming soon), Rosicrucianism begins before the great cataclysm which destroyed Atlantia and the secrets of the Solar Oracle were taken up by the Gods and away from the Earth.


At this time the 'one' destined to withdraw the sword of Anwn from the care of the Nymph Evelyn, was given the Rose Cross by the Sun Manu, signifying that he was to become the guardian of the secrets of the Sun, which would one day become an Esoteric form of Christianity.

The owner of the Sword of Anwn was given the name Arturus - later this was a designation given to all such initiates who took up the sword in what would become Britain - Art-hur or bear ward.

This first Arturus was also the  first Christian, and the first Rosicrucian, hence later he was called Christian Rosencreutz.

In the Rosicrucian Series he chooses seven souls  to follow him life after life in order to protect the threefold secret of the Tree of Life or immortality and to keep them from the clutches of the Brothers of the Shadows who had caused the catastrophes in Atlantia. 

These seven were called Rosicrucians.

There are a number of Rosicrucian orders in the world and many persons call themselves by this name but even they acknowledge that there is a core order or occult group of people who have carried the true knowledge of Christianity in its Solar or cosmic perspective for centuries.  A core group which remains unknown to history and who have battled with the Brothers of the Shadows, or orders that follow the 'left hand' path since the Solar mystery descended to Earth into the body of Jesus.

These brothers and their outward agents have forgotten the secret and want to seize the Mystery of immortality for their own ends. In the Rosicrucian Series the task of the chosen seven is to reincarnate again and again to prevent this.

The Leader of the Seven, who was the true owner of the Sword of Anwn (Atlantia Series), was Lazarus John in the time of Jesus Christ (Fifth Gospel - A Novel) and was later  born into the body of a Cathar child (the Treasure of Montsegur) and taken from the fortress to the monastery in the Pyrenees (Temple of the Grail) where he was initiated. In a later life he took take outward name of Christian Rosencreutz.

In Occult lore allowing for free will, Christian Rosencreutz is permitted to 'call' his followers to him. He can call them to save their lives so that they can continue their work, and in the Rosicrucian Series he can also stimulate a memory of Atlantis with this phrase:

Seek Wisdom like a bee seeks its rose.

Sometimes his followers remember the promises they have made consciously...sometimes they work out of an intuitive knowledge....After all, they are only human...who are they? Read the books and see!

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