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Otto Rahn, a German Grail Historian and writer is having a hard time making ends meet in France, when he receives a mysterious telegram from a publisher offering a two book deal with an advance. 

On answering the telegram Rahn discovers to his horror, that his new publisher is Himmler. Himmler makes him an honorary SS officer and sends him to the south of france to find a Grimoire of Black Magic called Le Serpent Rouge. Himmler wants to give it to Hitler as a gift for his birthday.

What Himmler doesn't know is that Rahn has discovered that he is Jewish, what Otto Rahn doesn't know is that he is not the only one looking for the Grimoire. A number of Black Brotherhoods are after it and the key to complete it, and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. 

After a harrowing time Otto Rahn escapes to Paris and connects with his old pal, Paul Madame. La Dame has given him some information on a man he is to meet - a dubious character who gives Rahn a diary in which there are a number of clues left by a man called Monte, who had previously been searching for the Grimoire. There is the mention of a priest and some information on the grimoire.
Rahn goes to Arques, to stay with his mentor Deodat Roche, and Roche suggests he meet a priest called Cros, who had been investigation the priests of the area years before, but was now very old.
The priest dies under mysterious circumstances but not before giving Rahn and Deodat the clues to the whereabouts of a list of names. The next day Deodat is kidnapped and this begins a hunt that leads RAhn and Cros' niece Eva to Rennes Chateau where they are given an encrypted document which they decipher to reveal  the whereabouts of a missing Key not found in any Grimoire  but only in the Book of Revelations.

After a showdown with Black Magicians, Otto Rahn and Eva manage to destroy the key, but realise that it was just a red herring planted there by Cros. He had planned it all along and had instigated the race for the grimoire to safeguard something else...

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