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The Brothers of Light, or Manus of Atlantis initiated a number of Kings into some of the secrets of the Tree of Life and immortality. These individuals they called Kings. They were to remain always under the tutelage of the priests and were forbidden to mix their own feelings, wishes and desires with their selfless work.

In the hands of these mighty rulers,  lay a tremendous power.  ​But in this fact is found the cause of their fall. For in time they were seduced by fallen angels and corrupted priests to mingle the pure powers of the Sun with selfish aims and destroyed Atlantis. They have incarnated again and again in history since, as opponents of the Rosicrucians in order to seize the deepest and most important secrets of the Tree of Life - the secret Immortality.

In the Rosicrucian Series they are the antagonists of the Rosicrucians


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