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Medieval South of France ten years after the fall of the last Cathar Stronghold, Montsegur. Languedoc, once an independent state is now under French rule. The Cathar heresy has not been wiped out, it has just gone underground. There is tension between the King of France and Rome on the issue of jurisdiction over monasteries.

The tide is turning against the Templars because they denounced the Crusade against the Cathars and because of their power and wealth. 




The Templars have lost the Holy Land and flee to Cyprus. The division between bankers and warriors leads to internal strife - what is their function without the Holy Land?

In France King Phillip is broke from wars and has his eye on the Temple Gold.


Pope Clement V, a French Pope elected through Phillip's machinations is a weak sickly man hated by his Roman cardinals.



Nazi Germany is preparing for war.
In France various alliances are being formed. 

France is a hot bed for anarchists, royalists, Jesuits and Freemasons and a plethora of occult brotherhoods and clandestine organisations.

Among the most powerful are the English Brotherhoods, and the Jesuits who work behind the scenes to foment war.


1244 - 33AD

The murder of inquisitors by Cathar nobles gives Pope Innocent an excuse to call for a Crusade Against the Cathars in France. Thousands are burnt at the stake, land, farmhouses and Castles are confiscated by the Northern Knights.  The last Cathar tronghold in Languedoc is besieged. The Cathars must fight or surrender. They await a miracle.

In Palestine 1,211 years before, two young boys called Jesus are born two years apart. One at the time of Herod the Great, the other at the time of the Census ordered by Quirenius.

Palestine is a fertile ground for Jewish groups working against the Romans. Unrest and riots lead to hundreds of crucifixions.

The people await a Messiah who will rescue them from their troubles. 



Politically the world is on the brink of war. A memory of the forbidden ethers is entering into the world through the Brothers of the Shadows leading to the discovery of electricity and magnetism leading to an industrial revolution. Darwin's origins of the species has connected human beings to beasts (666). Various white and grey masonic orders and occult groups try to prevent the corruption of the human soul through spiriticism, mesmerism and hypnotism. This causes even greater confusion. Meanwhile knowledge of the Tree of Life is about to fall into the wrong hands. 

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