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1291 AD

When the mighty Kingdom of Jerusalem falls to the Mamalukes, the Templars must flee to Cyprus where the Order becomes divided between the brothers who side with the bankers and seek peace and the brothers who want to recover the Holy Land and wish to wage war.

 Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Temple, finds he is beset by enemies and sends the Marshal of the Order, Marcus, in a Merchant galley captained by a mercenary to Scotland carrying the Order's gold and archives while he and his seneschal travel to France to seek the Pope's sanction for a new crusade. 

In France Jacques soon realises that both Pope and the King are conspiring against the Temple but not merely for its temporal goods, but for a secret hidden in the Grand Master's Seal.

Jacques sends Etienne, a battle weary and loyal Templar Knight, his Captain and two mercenaries to the furthest edges of Europe carrying the Seal to its final resting place. Etienne must not only dodge spies and assassins but he must also battle with his own shadows. 

Will he manage to keep the seal out of the hands of the King of France?

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